Contraceptive Insertion and Removal

Implanon is long-term (3 years) reversible method of contraception. A number of our doctors are accredited for Implanon insertion and removal. If you are interested in this method of contraception please make a 15min appointment to discuss with one of the doctors listed below and if suitable you will be provided with prescription for Implanon and a 30min appointment will be made for the insertion. You will need to buy the Implanon from a pharmacy (PBS cost currently $37.70) and bring it with you for insertion. Insertion of Implanon is a very simple procedure done under local anaesthetic for your comfort.

Doctors accredited for Implanon insertion and removal:

Dr Susan Pugh, Dr Rimona Burke, Dr Edwina Pritchard, Dr Salina Jamani + Dr Louisa Jones

For more information about Implanon please check out the Family Planning NSW website. Click here