Chronic Care

Chronic Health Care and Allied Health Referrals

How to access a Medicare rebate for allied health care if you have a chronic illness?

If you have a chronic health problem (eg diabetes, asthma and osteoarthritis) you are eligible to have a GP Management Plan (GPMP) with your usual GP. This plan is a useful way of summarising your current health and health care goals.

If you have a chronic illness and at least 3 health care professionals are involved in your care (including your GP) you are eligible for a Team Care Arrangement. A Team Care Arrangement (TCA) is a useful way of summarising the roles of the health care professionals who look after you.

If you have an up to date GPMP and TCA with your usual GP then you are eligible for a Medicare rebate on up to 5 sessions with an allied health professional (eg physiotherapist, podiatrist) within that year. An Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) referral form is completed for you to take to you allied health professional.

You will need a long appointment (30 minutes) for this process.