Cancellation of Appointments

If you are feeling better and no longer need the booked appointment or unable to keep your appointment, please telephone the practice to cancel the booked time. This will allow another patient in need to be offered the appointment time. Telephone (02) 9331 5080.

Fees will be charged for the following:

  • Did Not Attend
  • Less than 2 hours of cancellation notice.

As you know our practice runs on an appointment only basis. We have a limited number of appointments. You may have experienced difficulty in getting an appointment time that suited you in the past. We would like you in the future to contact us as soon as you know you are unable to attend an appointment so your appointment can be rescheduled and the other appointment be made available to another patient in need.

Our office staff are very good at accommodating patients when they are unwell and need to be seen as a matter of priority. This will help them enormously.

The practice has for some time had a missed appointment fee for patients who have been unable to attend their appointment and have not called to let the practice know. We feel that this is a way of encouraging patients to try not to do this again. The fee charged will equal the standard fee for the matched appointment length which was booked.