Appointments – which is the right one for you?

Paddington Family Practice is a very busy private practice that operates by appointment only. When making an appointment it is helpful if you can give our reception staff an idea of what you are coming in for as some consultations do require extra time. An email reminder is sent to your inbox to confirm your appointment the day before. As we get very busy, if you cannot keep an appointment, please call and advise reception as soon as possible, so that we can offer that appointment to someone else in need.

To help suit the need of our patients we offer different type of consultations

  • Standard appointment – 15 minutes
  • Long appointment – 30 minutes (also known as a Double appointment)
  • Extended appointment length – 45 minutes

Please assist us in minimising waiting times by ensuring you book an appointment of an adequate length. We strongly encourage you to make a longer appointment if you have multiple or complex problems as this helps our doctors to give your health concerns the attention they deserve without being rushed. This also helps us to manage our appointments better and reduce delays.

In some circumstances, if you have multiple health issues that cannot be addressed in the allocated time, your doctor may ask that you make another appointment. If you are unclear as to the length of appointment required, please discuss with our reception staff.

Adding extra family members to a single appointment causes delays to other patients. We request that you please book an individual appointment for each family member needing to be seen unless otherwise advised by reception staff. This will help your doctor run on time and ensures that each patient is given the time their problems require.

A Standard appointment – up to 15 minutes

  • This length of time is our regular length of time
  • Suitable for 1 patient with 1 quick health question
  • Examples
    • A sore throat needing a pathology swab OR
    • A discomfort in your knee joint

A Long appointment – up to 30 minutes

  • Also known as a Double Appointment
  • Suitable for 1 patient with 2 quick health questions OR
  • Suitable for 1 with 1 more complex health questions
  • Examples of a more complex nature
    • Pap Smear
    • Childhood Vaccinations
    • Self examination of a breast lump
    • Antenatal care
    • General Health check up
    • Mental Health management referral

An Extended appointment – up to 45 minutes

  • Our longest consultation length we offer
  • Please discuss with reception your requirements for this length
  • Suitable for 1 patient with several quick health questions OR
  • Suitable for 1 patient with 2 complex health questions
  • Examples
    • Implanon removal and implant OR
    • Removal of suspicious skin conditions